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Melvin Hazen Trail | Hike

March 28, 2021 We have done a fair bit of hiking, walking, and exploring in Rock Creek Park, so much so, that I typically will only track it on Strava or AllTrails and not even consider it as a post, as it becomes more...

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Prince William Forest Park | Hike

January 2, 2021 It seems we have a tradition of trying to hike around the new years. This year, we did a nice hike at Fort Totten Park on New Year’s Eve and then on the second, headed out to Prince William Forest Park...

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Peters Mill Run | Offroad & Hike

November 28, 2020 We headed out west to hit up Peters Mill Run, which is an offroad trail in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. We got on the road and the morning and hit the Front Royal area around...

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Columbia Air Center | Hike

Family, Hiking, Maryland

November 27, 2020 After being in the house all day for Thanksgiving, we wanted to get out into the woods and do a little family hike. We had wanted to visit the Columbia Air Center recently, and ended up at the Patuxent...

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Independence Day 2020 | Camp

Camping, Family, North Carolina

July 2, 2020 – Thursday We had pre-loaded the 4Runner the day before, so we only had the few remaining items to pack, mainly food. We decided to bring two coolers for this trip, one for food and the other for...

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Seneca Rocks | Hike & Camp

June 12, 2020 We got a little bit of a later start then we were initially planning, but that seems to be the norm to some degree, though we were only a little late. Luckily we packed a lot of the items the night before...

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Gunpowder Falls | Hike

May 2, 2020 We tried to get an early start on heading to the trail, anticipating eating lunch somewhere on the trail. We parked at the parking lot adjacent to the Gunpowder lounge which was already somewhat packed when...

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