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YAS | Twin Mountain Offroad Adventure

February 27, 2021 Our off road club had been talking about getting together again soon, and some of us wanted to hit an off road park to help with education and practice. We originally wanted to go to AOAA, however due...

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2020 BROG Rooftop Tent Rally

Camping, Family, Hiking, Virginia

October 16, 2020 The RoofTop Tent Rally is an event that was organized by Blue Ridge Overland Gear, Ranger John Fury, and the James River State Park. We have now attended two other Rooftop Tent Rallies and it’s always...

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Paw Paw Tunnel | Hike & Camp

Camping, Family, Hiking, Maryland

September 19, 2020 We got on the road around 11am, which was a little later than originally planned. I was a bit out of sorts, as I wasn’t used to packing up the Ascent. Seems I forgot a few things, such as skewers,...

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Independence Day 2020 | Camp

Camping, Family, North Carolina

July 2, 2020 – Thursday We had pre-loaded the 4Runner the day before, so we only had the few remaining items to pack, mainly food. We decided to bring two coolers for this trip, one for food and the other for...

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Seneca Rocks | Hike & Camp

June 12, 2020 We got a little bit of a later start then we were initially planning, but that seems to be the norm to some degree, though we were only a little late. Luckily we packed a lot of the items the night before...

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