Patapsco Valley State Park | Hike

Hiking, Maryland

October 11, 2020 We have been wanting to hike Patapsco Valley State Park for a while now, so after dropping off the boys at their grandparents house, we decided to give it a try. Our main goal was to see some of the...

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Paw Paw Tunnel | Hike & Camp

Camping, Family, Hiking, Maryland

September 19, 2020 We got on the road around 11am, which was a little later than originally planned. I was a bit out of sorts, as I wasn’t used to packing up the Ascent. Seems I forgot a few things, such as skewers,...

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Independence Day 2020 | Camp

Camping, Family, North Carolina

July 2, 2020 – Thursday We had pre-loaded the 4Runner the day before, so we only had the few remaining items to pack, mainly food. We decided to bring two coolers for this trip, one for food and the other for...

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Seneca Rocks | Hike & Camp

June 12, 2020 We got a little bit of a later start then we were initially planning, but that seems to be the norm to some degree, though we were only a little late. Luckily we packed a lot of the items the night before...

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Gunpowder Falls | Hike

May 2, 2020 We tried to get an early start on heading to the trail, anticipating eating lunch somewhere on the trail. We parked at the parking lot adjacent to the Gunpowder lounge which was already somewhat packed when...

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Rock Sliders | Mods

4Runner, Modifications

April 23, 2016 When I first got the 4Runner, it had running boards on it. Now these are great to be used as steps, but they don’t do well to protect much of anything. In fact, during one of the offroad trips, part of...

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Hikes | Redwood Regional Park

California, Hiking

Whenever we visit California, we try and get a hike or at least some good walking in. During our last trip, we headed up to the San Francisco area, so before we even landed, we knew we wanted to hit some Redwoods....

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Twin Mountain Off-road Adventure | Off-road

National Forest, Off-road, Virginia

January 16, 2016 It is becoming an annual custom now that FORCE (Frontier Off-Road Club East) hosts a MLK Jr weekend event. This year, it was a joint even with VAXC (Virginia Xterra Club – It...

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Angel’s Landing | Hike

Hiking, National Park, Utah

September 14, 2015 Angel’s Landing is considered one of the top hikes in the world. It is located in Zion National Park in Utah. Though it is not the highest point in the park, it has some great views and provides a...

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